Human cruelty has no limits.

The rumor proved to be true.


Helge has already made his decision.

All books can be divided into two categories.

I'm not your doll.

When man and woman unite, work is no longer as tiring.

You can correct mistakes that you find, if the sentence is not "owned" by another user.


I think what you just told me isn't true.


Alvin is my ex-boyfriend.

We should not depend on your parents.

I think that's not a daft solution.

The patient is much the same as yesterday.

I don't expect you to understand this.

It is you that is to blame for it.

I am Choctaw.

Don't waste too much time.

Rod watered the garden with the hose.


I don't feel the same way.

This is the most delicious pizza I've ever eaten.

Come at ten o'clock sharp.

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I'm definitely not on your side.

The doors fold back.

"We are in the middle of a war", said the President.


I think that it's going to rain soon.

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Knowing is one thing, teaching quite another.

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You handled that badly, Rusty.

I told you before that's impossible.

Meehan is at least a foot taller than Manolis.

Jitendra and Gary enjoy spending time together.

I understand you were the last one to see Laurent.

The distance between stars is measured in light years.

Forgive me, please!


I knew Konrad was coming.


Their faces looked inhuman, covered with scarlet and black paint.

Sangho was always at the top of the class.

Straka wanted Sonny to understand why he had to leave.

Fahima hasn't finished yet.

Some people went by bus, and others by train.

Christmas always moves me.

Brown saw that he was surrounded.

Does Kelvin know what you did?

For all mans sins damned we shall be.

He is at my side. He is beside me.

Slartibartfast has a guitar.

"Why did you do that?" "I had no choice."

Mara hasn't watered the flowers yet.


I wanted to buy a new one anyway.


That's what I want to do.

He loses his temper so easily that everybody avoids him.

I have to explain this to him.

I watch TV.

Redheads drive me crazy!


Sabrina has been told about the problem.

My advice is to wait and see what Ti does.

The resentment runs deep.

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Raman is very worried now.

Say it over a few more times.

I am still keeping up my tennis craze.

All the man could do was obey them.

She kindly showed me around the city.


Thank you for your trouble.

To be absolutely truthful, you suck at football.

The portrait looks exactly like the real thing.


She always wears striking clothes.

They are after happiness.

I was planning on telling you today.

You mustn't be nervous about tomorrow's exam.

We aren't going to let that happen.


This is luxury beyond my income.

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What did you think I'd do?

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The words in my head form streets and buildings, entire cities. I want to take you there.

I mustn't add oil to this engine.

Even the smallest child knows that kind a thing.


Sport is frankly mimic warfare.

Don't you want to hear the rest?

I will stop Tim.

When the snow melts it flows into the river.

Lin wanted to know what we were doing.


Who brought Kurt?

You know this.

I'm not disappointed.

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That might make matters worse.

You know Americans are jealous of the British accent that they deem more prestigious.

She got married when she was twenty-five.


The bridge was washed away by the flood.

I want to speak to you alone.

Either of the two must go.


The one good thing you can say about an entry-level job is that there's lots of room for growth.

Then the younger brother set off, and the elder remained behind.

The roof is made of thatch.


Whom are you going to come with?

Thanks for coming to my party.

The king ordered that the prisoner should be set free.

Manny is still skeptical.

He won't say anything about himself.


You said I was a liar.

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He is a baseball player.

Marcia didn't want me here.

When we moved to our new home we've slept all day because it was laidback.

In a democracy, the people elect their government officials directly.

She got a serious neuropathy disease,and it was so urgent for her to transfer to another hospital.


All I want to do now is sleep.

I ate toast for breakfast.

Can you explain that to me?

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Anderson is very good at playing baseball.

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The session has been prorogued.

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She wore a dress with a boned bodice.

I agree with his idea.

I'll stay out of your way.


Gerard turned on the speakerphone.

Lar relishes a challenge.

Is everybody happy?


Gunter might've been there yesterday, but I didn't see him.

It's so unfair.

Dan didn't even protest.


Apart from Peter, his brothers were also there.

Shove off! I'm busy!

I almost didn't sleep.

The accident threw traffic into great confusion.

We're not disappointed.

For this it's definitely worth coming.

All he thinks about is himself.

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Don't be so petty.


Shakil is planning to stay with us until next Monday.

Power and money are inseparable.

America is a large country and its people are mobile.

What shall we say to this? Anything else than to agree?

Unfortunately, help came too late.

You should expect help from Nadeem.

Get up early, and you'll be in time.

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I want to know who did that.

Surya always seems to be complaining about something.

Don't be so picky.


I'll make you happy no matter what happens.

I'll get them.

It was apparent to everybody that our team was stronger.

The man tries the coffee.

Have a nice night.

The new president can be relied upon, can't he?

I don't supply my real name to any site on the Internet.

Our plans for tomorrow depend on the weather.

Is this the Department of Labor?

I need a moment with you.

These oranges are ten for a dollar.


I've already told Gigi what needs to be done.

How many dancing angels can fit on the tip of a knife blade?

What kinds of meat dishes do you serve?

There's something going on.

I heard you have a beautiful voice.

I know what I did wasn't right.

No matter what I do, I can't make Kristen laugh.

Father had his wallet picked in the bus.

Do you remember your grandfather?

You have to make a choice.

It was very exciting! I'd like to go again.

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I still have a few friends in Boston.


I called him up, but he wasn't there.

Please call on me when it is convenient for you.

Now don't be hasty, please.